“If this little girl can do it… what’s your excuse?”

(I found this picture the other day… and just had to share it.)

My daughter’s story:
My daughter is 10 years old. She has 9 #1 bestselling books.
She’s building a 6-figure business “behind” her books.
She made a movie.

FYI – It wasn’t “hard” work for her.

She ONLY believes in FUN and PLAY.

She insists.

So EVERYTHING we made was fun.

Plus, she INSISTED that she write her books about things that “she” liked.

She wrote her books about:

Ninja Kitties and Mermaids.

Oh, and a boy. Who goes on an adventure to: Dimension 3.2

And saves his father, and the world. (No! He saves 2 worlds.)

She wrote her first book when she was 7.

She became a #1 bestselling author on her 8th birthday.

If she can do it… anyone can do it.


*Note: You can use these to get YOUR BOOK DONE.


She got a MENTOR.

Sure, that was me (daddy) in this case.

But this is the same way I got my first book done.

It’s the fastest, smartest and best-est way to get ANYTHING done.

Find a “mentor” who has EXPERIENCE getting the result you want.

When I was visiting the Florida Keys…

And I went fishing in waters I’d not been in before…

And I wanted to catch a fish, a sailfish in this case, that I’d never caught before.

I hired a guide.

Next thing I knew – FISH.

Did it again when to go fishing for “tarpon” and I caught a fish.

Did it again in a fishing tournament, and won the tournament.

Did it again in Alaska, and caught a boat-load of salmon.

And you know what?


(But I do like CATCHING.)


She gave it MEANING.

My daughter didn’t want to write the book, “I” thought she should write.

She wanted to write a book about something that had meaning to her.

Her first book was called, The 3 Ninja Kitties.

They are based on her 3 kitties, Ally, Patches and Bobo.

She LOVES cats.

Especially, as you can imagine, her cats.

When she got lazy, or bored, or tired of the process of making the book…

I reminded her WHY she was writing the book.

For her, it was an extension of her LOVE for her kitties.

It was a way to make sure that her feelings about them and her love for them would live on forever.

And she’s glad she did.

About a year after her first book… one of her kitties was hit by a car and died.

My daughter told me after how glad she was that she’d written a book (and made a movie) about “Patches” when she was alive.


Here’s virtually a guarantee:

If you don’t have a POWERFUL reason WHY to do something, you won’t do it.

Today, I’ve exercised EVERY SINGLE day for over 2000 consecutive days in a row.

I don’t do that for ME anymore.

I wake up early.

Or stay up late.

Or exercise when I’m “sick” or “traveling,” because I made it more about OTHERS than myself.

I now do it for my daughter.

I do it for my wife.

I do it for my unborn child.

I do it for my clients.

I do it, so I can “brag” about it in blogs like this.

But not to BRAG.

But to inspire.

To inspire YOU to do whatever it is YOU NEED TO DO.

Secret #3:

She had a MAP.

A map helps take you from “where you are.”

To “where you want to go.”

Today, most of us use GPS.

Typically, some cool new app on our phone.

And it tells us turn-by-turn, exactly how to get where we want to go.

It’s a STEP-BY-STEP action plan.

It comes with both a VISUAL and AUDITORY stimulus.

You can even pick the voice-tone or visual-icon.

Sure, sometimes it screws up.

Sure, there are sometimes road-hazards or detours you’ll need to take.

But you get where you’re going.

I like to think of a “map” as a:


That’s often what I want.

“I want direction.”


I want some COACHING.

I want to be CHALLENGED.

And the FASTEST way I’ve found to get that?

By getting help.

My daughter got some help.

She loves help.

She would much prefer, that other people show her the way, or better yet, just DO IT FOR HER.

(FYI – I try to be a good enough dad that makes her “work” for things and “earn” things as well.)

So here’s my question for you:


If so… read on.

If you’d like some help.

Help to make your dreams come true.

Help to write your book.

Help to grow your business, mission, cause or legacy…


Ask for help.

You should do this NOW.

As Tony Robbins says, “You should never leave the sight of a goal, without first doing something towards it’s attainment.”

So here’s my personal cell: 561-601-9871

Text message me now.

Say, “Hey Trevor, I’d love to get your help.”

Or, message me on social media.

Or reach out to me via email: support@trevorcrane.com


Who wants some help with this “stuff”

Share this with them.

I’ll gladly do a FREE call with you. (Or it will be one of my head-coaches.)

Or… go it alone.

But remember this:

“Results” come from two places:




You choose.

Have a great day.

Be great,


(I’ll “brag” more about my daughter later.)

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