I have the greatest wife in the world.

FIRST, to celebrate… she’s 16 weeks pregnant and even though she celebrated her big FOUR O… she looks like a teenager.

SECOND, we got back from a 4-day event with Tony Robbins, and she is in total ACTION mode.

The most important thing to her right now, (well, after her family, and her creator, and her clients, etc…) is her health.

Health. Health. Health.

Her health, of course. And this new baby’s health.

And she’s on it.

She just learned about new food poisons and toxins that many of us get from eating… wait it…


That’s right.

Apparently, some PLANTS are bad for us.

Now, I’m NOT here to start telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat.

I’m just here to say… MY WIFE IS AWESOME.

She doesn’t “talk” about shit.

She takes action.

While most people, me included, are trying to figure things out, she’s already in action.



THIRD thing that’s awesome about my wife: She’s a GREAT cook.


She’s better than that.

Seriously, she makes EVERYTHING taste better.

(‘Except’ for maybe when the smoke detector goes off, due to our toaster randomly blackens our food.)

FOURTH thing that’s awesome about my wife…

(And NO these are NOT in any order.)

Is that she FEEDS me.

Often, I just won’t eat, All day.

I walk, and talk, and coach, and consult, and create…. and I won’t stop moving till it’s dinner/couch time or my silly-ass hits the covers at night.

But my wife feeds me.

Lately, she’s bringing me the best food ever.

Man, I’m lucky.

So that’s it.

It’s all I have time for now.

Yes, there are 7,983 more things that are AWESOME about my wife, Robyn Harris Crane, but I will save those for our private “pillow” talk.

(Not that either of us keep much private.)


And if you want any info about the new BOOK she’s reading about diet and nutrition and disease, just ask.

I’ll add a photo or a link of it below, if anybody cares.

WARNING: It says that a BUNCH of the foods you “thought” were healthy are NOT.

Click here to see the book!

Oh, according to my wife…

I “apparently” I don’t know how to use “quotation” marks.

Apparently” I’m too “liberal” with them.

Well I say…


I’ll “use” them…

Wherever I “want” them.

Suck on that.

Here’s a link to get a free copy of my wife’s new book, Make More Money, Help More People: http://robyncrane.com/freebook/

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