Recently, I was asked this question: “What’s your definition of a magnificent life?”

I’m the son of a horseshoer and grew up in Phoenix AZ.

I was always the ‘poor’ kid, and I was afraid I’d never be enough or make anything out of my life.

Often my parents didn’t have money to pay the electric or water bills.

In the summers it got to be 120 degrees – AT NIGHT.

Without AC, it was so hot… I’d lay in bed, unable to sleep, with sweat dripping off my body.

Cold showers weren’t an option.
The water coming out of the pipes was – hot.

I’d get up and go running through the desert, in the pitch-black-middle of the night, just so I’d get tired enough, that I’d pass out.

        My definition of a “magnificent life” – was air conditioning.

    When I was 9 years old, my great grandfather passed away.

    That day, I discovered that he had been RICH.

    “Rich?” I thought…

    How was that possible? We were broke.

    My parents fought about money all the time.

    “We can’t afford it.” – felt like a family motto.

    I decided then, that I wanted to “win back the family fortune.”

          My definition of a “magnificent life” – was money.

      It took me a while, (many, many years) but eventually I made “millions of dollars.”

      No, it wasn’t exactly the “family fortune” – but I felt like a success.

      I had a daughter.

      I thought I had it all.

      Then I lost it all.

      My dignity and self respect were bankrupt, along with my finances.

      *Now, I know I’ve shared much of this before, but again… this question was just posed to me TODAY:

      “What’s your definition of a magnificent life?”

      The truth is, my answer has changed many times.

            When I was a kid, a magnificent life started about not feeling embarrassed that my mom made my clothes, or I wore hand-me-downs.

            When I was a bit older but still struggling, a magnificent life was being able to buy food when I was hungry.

            When I didn’t have my daughter, a magnificent life was just being able to be with her again.

            When I graduated college, a magnificent life was about adventure and travel, so I traveled the world and became a scuba instructor.

            When I started a business, a magnificent life was about becoming successful.

            When I had money, it was about growing and experiences and helping people.

            When I lost my everything, a magnificent life was about being happy.

        Now I’m 45.
        I feel like I’m 17. (except for my slow-healing process)
        I often act like I’m 8.

        I’m planning out the next phase of my life.

        Lets say the next 1-2-3 decades…

        So I like this question:

        “What’s your definition of a magnificent life?”

        My grandfather died with regrets.

        He died at age 92.

        (I plan on living to 227 – so I figure I have a little time left.)

        But it’s time to get serious.

        One of the things my grandfather wished he’d done, was publish a book.

              I think this is a big part about why now I help people publish books.


          I think we should LIVE OUR LEGACY.


          Every person on this life has a gift.


          Every person was built to live out the dream they have inside.

          Hell on earth would be living a life on the ground without ever taking off – and living our dreams.

          Making a difference.

          “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” – Will Smith

          Our lives should be EXAMPLES of what we believe in.

          Our WALK is a DEFINITION of what we believe in and what we think “magnificence” is about.


          We live in a pretty magical world.

          One video.
          One idea.
          One word.
          One smile.
          One social media post… can make a difference.

          “What’s MY definition of a magnificent life?”

          I’m working on it.

          I know what it’s NOT about.

          It’s not about BS.

          Or lies.
          Or pain or suffering.
          Or lack.
          Or scarcity.
          Or sadness.
          Or anger.
          Or fear.

          It’s more about living EVERY day as if it were my last.
          It’s about fearlessness.
          It’s about action.
          It’s about love.
          It’s about fun.
          It’s about making a difference.
          It’s about NO EXCUSES.
          It’s about dreaming BIG.

          (I’m still defining what BIG means to me right now.)

          I think you may have heard me bragging about my 9-year old daughter.

          Later this month, she’ll turn 10.

          In 10 years from today she’ll be 19.

          TIME FLIES.

          There is NO time to waste.

          What will she accomplish, and who will she become in a decade?

          People typically OVER ESTIMATE what they can accomplish in a year.

          And UNDER ESTIMATE what they can accomplish in a decade.

          Ten years from today, I’ll be 55.

          My daughter 19. (days away from 20)
          I’ll have more kids. (not sure how many)

          I’ll be madly passionately in love with my wife.
          (Hopefully for both of us, I’ll be ravishing her daily.)

          My smile lines will probably be GROVED on my face like the GRAND CANYON.

          I hope I spend the rest of my life, euphorically laughing myself to tears every-single-day.

          My health and energy? VIBRANT.
          I will be a chiseled piece of ripped-steal and sex-appeal.
          (much like I am today – only better)


          Yesterday, I recorded a podcast interview for Matthew Belair’s podcast called: “Master Mind, Body & Spirit”

          We talked about my daughter’s 9 bestselling books.

          When I told him about my daughter’s MOVIE and bestselling book: KITTY WARS…

          (go here to see it for free:

          Matt pointed out how he noticed that I was “conditioning” the “belief” in my daughter, that she can “make her dreams come true.”

          That her thoughts and ideas, not only “can” but WILL become a reality.

          She has an “idea” for a book about three ninja kitties…
          She publishes a book called, “The 3 Ninja Kitties.”

          She has an “idea” to make a movie where her Ninja Kitties visit Star Wars…

          KITTY WARS was born.

          (God bless – Luke Sky Kitty, Princess Leiapard and the rest of the crew.)

          Regarding the question:

          “What’s MY definition of a magnificent life?”

          I think I’m living it.
          It just keeps getting better every day.

          My question to you is, and I double-dog-dare you to reply:

          “What’s your definition of a magnificent life?”



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