Jessica Weaver announcing in her video to Robyn and I that she just made $3,600 in 2 days.

In 2016, Jessica Weaver averaged 500 readers for her blog Not Your Father’s Advisor. Since then, her reader count has shot up to 11,000 and some change. It started with one blog post gathering a little steam and now Jessica has monetized her success and unique spin on financial planning to a forecasted $1.6M, which translates into an additional $19K in recurring revenue. Oh, and that’s just from a single new contact. It all stems from literally one blog post that she wrote and that her readers loved.

In short, Jessica Weaver is a total badass.

She’s 29 years old.

She’s 5 months pregnant.

In the last 4 months, not only has she written a phenomenal book, Strong Woman, Stronger Assets, that will soon be a #1 bestseller, Jess added an extra $7,500/month in recurring income to her bottom line.

(Soon, that income will grow to an extra $19,000/month).

Jess’s peers and clients are seeing her as an emerging leader in the financial advisory field and her professional life is changing as a result.

Jess’s book has become her most powerful marketing tool.

Now let me address a possible ELEPHANT in the room…

How is a PREGNANT WOMAN accomplishing SO MUCH?

Shouldn’t she be busy being… well, pregnant?

GREAT question.

First, Jess is part of my 6-month program, Epic Author Mentoring.

This is very very smart. She got some help.
This means she’s NOT writing her book alone.
This gives her an edge.

Plus, Jess is an action taker.

Here’s an example:

A few months ago, after attending our Advanced Sales Mastery Event, Jess actually did what we taught her to do at our event.

She sent my wife and I a video 2 days later, sharing that she’d made $3,600. (THE ONE ABOVE.)

Like I said, she’s a badass.

She admits that since we have started to work together the momentum has definitely shifted, “When we last talked, it was about the prelaunch team, so then I started to reach out to businesses and other professionals to see if they would help me out. It was amazing how many were so on board.”

Here are a few strategies Jess is using RIGHT NOW.
*You can model these as well, whether or not you have a book.

SECRET STRATEGY 1: Don’t Write Your Book Alone.

There is no “i” in book.

Typically, there are at least 5 or 6, or often a DOZEN or more people who “contribute” to a book. (At least to a good book.)

Of course, there’s YOU, the author.

But you also need an editor, a formatter, a publisher, people to read and review your book, not to mention, mentors (like my talented wife, who in this case gave Jessica advice to BOOST HER business.)

SPECIFICALLY… however, Jess INTERVIEWED people for her book.

HINT: You can (and should) “interview” people for your book.

What types of people did she interview?

    • She talked to “experts” in her field.
    • She’s also interviewed people who have turned into “promotional partners” who could help her promote her book and her business.
    • Still, other “interviewees” have been “potential clients” she could possibly work with in the future.

One of these interviews turned into a high-paying client. (The $7,500/month client).

Other interviews turned into new “speaking gigs.”

(I think she’s booked 4 speaking gigs so far.)

SECRET STRATEGY 2: Build a Book Launch Team.

In one of our mentoring sessions a few weeks ago, Jess took my advice and started building her “book launch team.”

Click here to see (or join) her book launch team.

Yesterday, we had a quick phone call.

Jess shared that this has been one of the most powerful things she’s done so far to market her book and her business.

The results?

Perhaps the BEST result is, 100 percent of the people she’s talked to are eager and excited to help her promote her book.

Which means, she’s booked more speaking gigs.

These new recruits are now promoting her and her book to their contacts.

Her local Chamber of Commerce also asked to list her book in their library and wants to help coordinate a book-signing.

She is stunned at the change in people’s perception of her:

“Family, friends, everyone is kind of viewing me in a different light now. They are like, ‘Wow, she’s really ambitious. She’s really motivated. Look at all she’s doing on top of being pregnant and everything.’ So I think I’m becoming more and more of the expert among people who know me.” – Jessica Weaver

SECRET STRATEGY 3: Give Away Bonuses

Jess’s new book, Strong Woman, Stronger Assets (comes out TODAY), Wednesday, May 17th.

Click here to get to her website, Not Your Father’s Advisor, and see the bonuses that she is giving away on her site.

FOR TODAY ONLY you can get it for $1.00.

I also suggest you look closely at her web pages, and other marketing she’s done.

Not only will you get a badass book, but you’ll learn cool ways YOU can get your book out there, and turn it into your most powerful marketing tool.

Which brings me to another point.

Jessica is an implementer.

(Not everyone is).

Her site looks great, her funnel looks great.

Jess doesn’t just talk about our plan… she does it.

Jessica is the example of what can happen in your life if you follow through on what you are supposed to do.

Jess’s results since starting her book:

  1. She got pregnant. (No, this has nothing to do with her book.)
  2. She earned $3,600 2 days after our ASMEVENT.COM
  3. Her blog views grew from 600 weekly to over 11,000 weekly.
  4. She increased her income by $7,500 a month. (Soon to be $19K/month)
  5. Jess is seen as an EXPERT by her peers.
  6. Jess is IN-DEMAND and people want to work with her.

If you’re reading this, you should go buy her book now.

You won’t regret it.

You’ll learn a lot.

(And thank me later).


A little about Mrs. Jessica Weaver:

  • Soon-to-be #1 Bestselling Author of Strong Woman, Stronger Assets
  • Creator of Not Your Father’s Advisor blog.
  • Pre-order Strong Woman, Stronger Assets May 17th
  • Putting a spin on financial advising for women
  • Her blog averages 10,000 monthly visitors (it’s less than 1 yr old)
  • She’s building POWERFUL relationships through her new positioning as a thought-leader
  • She’s becoming an IN-DEMAND and prolific speaker
  • She’s creating recurring revenue and most importantly…
  • She’s changing lives
  • Oh, and she’s pregnant
  • And a badass…

(And if you want to know the sex of her baby… she does a super cool “gender reveal” in HER BOOK.)

Get it NOW and HERE.

Holy Monkey!

Jessica Weaver became #1 in more categories than I can count!

Learn How To Write A Book & Grow Your Business:

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