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This is a great short video for you, if you want more “ideal clients.”


Many business owners want to know what they have to “SAY” to get people to buy their product/service. In fact, if you probe deeper, they’ll usually say, they’d REALLY like more of their “IDEAL CLIENTS,” so they can FIRE the rest of their (not so awesome) clients.

The Awesome A’s are designed for you to figure out what your client wants, so you can see if there’s even a fit, BEFORE you ever make a recommendation (i.e. – sell them your stuff).

1. ASK

Ask questions about people’s PAIN & PLEASURE.

Instead of “vomiting” all over people about what “you” think is awesome about your product/service, spend more of your time probing, and asking questions.


Once you hear what someone has to say, align with them. Don’t make them wrong. Don’t judge them. Don’t even try to solve the problem…

Your strategy is to repeat back to them what they say. Then you can ask, “Is that what you meant?” If you didn’t get it right, go deeper. Get more curious, and find out.


This is a combination of you AND THEM ‘associating” (meaning, having a full and complete understanding) about what this is want or need, or pain or pleasure is really costing them.

Once your potential client is fully “associated” to their challenge, or what they really want… that’s when they finally have the “leverage” to really take action. Regardless of whether it’s with you, or just on their own… (yes, that means without you and your help…) But in this way, when you get THEM to properly associate, you are really serving them at the highest level, because then they will will be more likely to take action and change their situation, which is what you (and they) ultimately want!

Example of questions you can ask:

“What is it costing you if you don’t make this change?”
“How does that make you feel?”
“What would the quality of your life be like if you did make this shift?”


This is a bench mark question to ask BEFORE you ever make an offer…. it’s also discovering their level of commitment, and whether it’s even appropriate for you to make them your offer…

A phrase we like to ask is, “Regardless of whether or not we choose work together, are you ready? … to change this pattern, and to start working on this challenge and getting the results that we just talked about?”

Reminder: This is BEFORE you offer them ANYTHING!

So please go out there and start asking more questions, before you try to sell them on anything…







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