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Hot Chicks Write Hot Books

Recently, I hung out with two HOT chicks. *AND NO – I did NOT come up with that name for them. It’s what the ladies call themselves. (God bless them.) Jen and Melanie are co-founders of Hot Chicks Write Books, and were so kind (and brave enough) to have me on... read more

How To Create Desire

  Here are two awesome strategies… To help you create a BURNING desire in your: IDEAL TARGET CLIENT to get them to WANT to: Follow you, Watch you, Listen to you, and eventually… Beg to buy from you.   *I took this info from Chapters 9 and 10 in my... read more

$100K Webcast: 1 Hour A Day To 6 Figures

  THE ONE MILLIONAIRE’S SECRET *THERE IS ONE SECRET EVERY MILLIONAIRE I’VE INTERVIEWED HAS USED TO CREATE SUCCESS.   <This video will show you how YOU can copy this secret for yourself.>   Recently, I’ve interviewed a ton of... read more

The Mule and the Magician

Okay… I’m a father of an amazing 10-year-old-girl. Oftentimes, I find myself searching for the words and wisdom I want to share with my little princess. Because I’m also an author and a publisher, storytelling is important to me. The story that follows is one I... read more

One Sale Can Change Your Entire Life

It’s true. One sale can change your entire life. I went from struggling and insecure to… a total sense of freedom and confidence. The difference? One sale. This happened for me in 2009. Between 2007 and 2009, I was hustling my ass off and not getting ahead.... read more

Jessica Weaver Is A Badass (Success Spotlight)

Jessica Weaver announcing in her video to Robyn and I that she just made $3,600 in 2 days. In 2016, Jessica Weaver averaged 500 readers for her blog Not Your Father’s Advisor. Since then, her reader count has shot up to 11,000 and some change. It started with one blog... read more

What’s a magnificent life?

Recently, I was asked this question: “What’s your definition of a magnificent life?” I’m the son of a horseshoer and grew up in Phoenix AZ. I was always the ‘poor’ kid, and I was afraid I’d never be enough or make anything out of my... read more

Lost And Found

Ten years ago, in April of 2007 my daughter was born. I thought I had everything. A successful business. 2 homes. New cars. Cool stuff. I traveled the world. I was in love with a beautiful woman. And the perfect little girl was born INTO MY HANDS. We had a natural... read more

Is 2017 The Year You’ll Get Your Book Done?

Is 2017 going to be the year you get your book done? I hope so. From October 1st – through Dec 31st, we pre-launched 10 books. I also posted a Facebook Live, every day (92 days in a row). I talked about my progress. I shared when brought on new clients who were... read more

The Elf That Stole Christmas

My nine year-old daughter, Phoenix, believes in magic. She also believes in Santa Claus, as do I by the way. A few years ago, she got a gift that made its way to our house on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a little magical visitor from the North Pole that apparently works for... read more
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