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How to Write a Book to 10X Your Business

How to Write a Book to 10X Your Business, with Trevor Crane “Everyone has a book inside of them. But in most cases, that’s where it should stay.” You know, the cynical side of us wants to agree with this quote. After all,who doesn’t know about way too many people who... read more

How to Stand Out Online by Being Yourself

In this episode I explore how our own uniqueness might just be the secret sauce to being successful online. In today’s show I’m delighted to be joined from the United States by Trevor Crane. Trevor is a best-selling author, speaker and business growth expert. He works... read more

Love First

Love first. Years ago, I lost my dog Isis. She got hit by a car right outside my house. She was absolutely my best friend. I was devastated. I carried her body into my house, and frantically tried blowing rescue breaths into her still body. When I was burying her in... read more

WTF? – $300 to $15,000 a month?!?

Lisa Chastain is the #1 Bestselling Author of: Girl, Get Your $hit Together In the last 12 months, Lisa went from being negative $300/month… To earning an average of $15,000 a month. On the verge of losing her house, her marriage, and filing bankruptcy…... read more

“But I don’t want to.”

“But I don’t want to.” I say it. You say it. Your kids say it. Your clients say it. But you KNOW that BS is holding you back. Do it anyway. Because? Because you are ADULT enough to own it. Because if you don’t, you die. Or you don’t get... read more

What’s Your Excuse?

“If this little girl can do it… what’s your excuse?” (I found this picture the other day… and just had to share it.) My daughter’s story: My daughter is 10 years old. She has 9 #1 bestselling books. She’s building a 6-figure... read more

Epic Author Secrets

Trevor Crane is passionate about what he does: to help 1000 writers become epic bestselling authors. Truth is, everyone is a writer and has an important message that will change someone’s life. In today’s complex world, with so much going on, too often we actually... read more

The Greatest Wife In The World

I have the greatest wife in the world. FIRST, to celebrate… she’s 16 weeks pregnant and even though she celebrated her big FOUR O… she looks like a teenager. SECOND, we got back from a 4-day event with Tony Robbins, and she is in total ACTION mode.... read more

Failure Is Inevitable

Failure Is Inevitable with Trevor Crane & Adil Amarsi Failure is inevitable in life, but how we overcome challenges and use them to our advantage is what matters. In this interview, we will talk about my failures, how I got back up, my successes, and my exact... read more

“You suck!” vs. “You’re awesome!”

“You suck!” vs. “You’re awesome!” It can be a fine line. Yes, both of these were comments made to me from 2 different clients. I got them from 2 back to back calls the other day. The first gave me the most complimentary statements ever:... read more
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